Saturday, May 28, 2022

 Mass Bay Railroad Enthusiasts (RRE) President Dave Brown will present “RRE excursions of the early 1970s - Images from the Art Bliss collection.” Longtime Railroad Enthusiast and former Mass Bay RRE Treasurer Art Bliss rode and photographed numerous RRE excursions in the early 1970s. Mass Bay RRE President Dave Brown will present a selection of Art’s photos as we travel back in time to revisit several of these excursions, along with additional material and photos from other excursions on the same lines. Among the railroads featured are the Claremont & Concord, Central Vermont, and several trips on the Boston & Maine. Time permitting, we’ll jump forward a couple of decades for some of Dave’s own photos from the 470 Railroad Club’s excursion on the Canadian Atlantic Railway from Brownville Junction, Maine to Saint Andrews, New Brunswick in June 1990.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Maine Central Locomotive #470 Preservation and Restoration by Peter Violette

 Here is the recording of the May 2022 Membership Meeting of the 470 Railroad Club.  Peter Violette of the New England Steam Corporation (NESCO) talked about the preservation and restoration of Maine Central Locomotive #470.

470 Locomotive Restoration by Peter Violette

Monday, April 25, 2022

Club Member Ed Galvin program on 4/23/2022


This is from the person who videoed the program.

Apologies - the quality of this video is not great – the viewfinder on my phone had the whole screen in it, but the video cuts off part of the screen. You will also need to tur the volume up fairly high, to hear Ed

This is a program that Ed Galvin did at a Brunswick library on 4/23/2022. If I remember correctly, it was on Maine Central Railroad in the Brunswick area. He did it for the club just before the covid-19 came. I'll look back in the newsletters to get the name of the program.

Friday, April 8, 2022

Recording of 470 Railroad Club membership Meetings

The presenters have approved the postings of these meetings.  More will appear once they happen and are approved

Bill Willis’ presentation featured some of Dwight Smith Photo Collection along with a few shots of  the 50th Anniversary Amtrak Heritage Units. March 16, 2022

Forty Years of Photo Images by Brian Solomon February 16, 2022

Gettysburg Railroad #1278 Boiler Explosion by Eric Grover and Jack Small, Oct 20, 2021

Matt Betzner Railroad Images of Pennsylvania, Florida, New England and Strasburg, Oct 21, 2020

Monday, April 4, 2022

4268 on Turntable and Moving on Video April 3 2022


Video and picture  taken by Ryan Fothergill from the cab of 255 during a load test today on the hill. We repaired the conductors side window to operational condition again, worked on troubleshooting electrical and spent the day addressing issues that came up. Ryan finished enclosing the inside of the carbody where dynamics had been removed. Wayne installed a new air regulator for the control equipment. The locomotive is very close to being blue carded. The last two weekends we worked on painting the roof which is 50% complete.--

4268 on the Turntable at North Conway

1st Video of 4268 Moving

2nd Video of 4268 moving

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

4268 Engine Running Videos on February 20, 2022

 Here are one inside and two outside videos of the 4268 running on February 20, 2022.

Thursday, March 3, 2022

4268 Repairs and Electrical Work on February 6, 2022


Each week we get one step closer to the end goal of having 4268 fully functional and Fra compliant. Today we removed, repaired and installed new door handles on 5 of the carbody doors inside and out. Several of these door handles were custom made by Adlake and just arrived last week. Wayne finished mounting support brackets for piping over the rear rack. He also troubleshooted the fuel lines which appeared to have a leak at a union . Mark gray connected the remaining wiring for field shunt circuit on the main generator, cleaned contractors and got the locomotive to roll over on it own for the first time in over 40 years! We hope to be able to start the 4268 within the coming weeks. Jim Hamlin was in today keeping the shop organized and he mounted some remaining plates on 4268.  The headlights marker lights and number lights were all lit up today as well.