Saturday, December 18, 2021

4268 Engine Work on Dec 11-12, 2021


Wayne Allen,Cory Fothergill and Jim Hamlin were in on Saturday. An attempt was going to be made to add oil to 4268, however water leaks in the block slowed us down. Cylinders 14-15 had water in them , and cylinder 10 was leaking water from the water gooseneck into the head. We quickly drained the unit, replaced o rings on the gooseneck for cylinder 10. The three of us removed the cylinder heads from 14 and 15 and cleaned both. Cylinder 15 had a bad head gasket. Cylinder 14 didn’t show us any signs of leaks. We replaced all o rings and head gaskets involved. We found slight water leak off the water pipe on the top of the block and corrected that. Mark gray worked on Sunday wiring gauge lights, more engine room lights, removing dead heater wiring, and connecting more lights in the nose. Wayne did more work putting the “jewelry” back on the heads we removed Saturday. The 4268 currently has water in her, and we will recheck for leaks next weekend.

Thursday, December 9, 2021

4268 Painting and Electrical Work on December 8, 2021


Ryan Fothergill and Jim Hamlin finished painting the fuel tank and trucks on the engineers side. Cory Fothergill reconnected the roof, install a few trim panels, and did some more painting in the nose. Also fabricated a new panel for in the electrical cabinet to hold the circuit breakers needed for cab heat and radio. Mark grey connected the circuit breakers and worked on gauge lights in the cab. 

4268 Piping and Wiring on November 27-28, 2021

Wayne Allen worked on installing new piping to hold 3 lights to illuminate the engineers walkway on 4268. He helped with finding leaks during multiple airbrake tests on 4268. Larry Kemp helped solder up some more leaks,and we got 4268 over 115psi on the main reservoirs. The airbrakes work , horn and wipers as well. 

Cory Fothergill sanded and repaired more of the compartment in the rear of 4268 and the equipment rack. Mark Gray connected the load regulator, replaced a coil on the compressor control line, connected the warning lights for low oil , governor shut down, and no power lights. He also worked on more control circuits. 


Sunday, November 21, 2021

4268 Piping Work on November 21, 2021


Wayne Allen and Cory Fothergill worked on correcting more leaks in the piping on 4268. Air was connected and the brakes applied for the first time in over 40 years. More copper lines were repaired or replaced with the dot flex air line. A spitter valve was added to the main reservoir to help separate any moisture from the air system . Mark Gray worked on reconnecting wiring around the oil cooler, the fuel pump is now operational, starting contactors work as intended .  Soon the locomotive will be ready to test … 72 had a missing oil line reinstalled on the roots blower and the axles have been treated to prevent rusting . 

1st photo shows the pistons out and brakes applied on 4268.

    2nd photo spitter valve on the main reservoir tank

2nd photo spitter valve on the main reservoir tank. 


4268 Oil Cooler Replacement on November 14th


Louie Edmonds, Wayne Allen, Larry kemp and Cory Fothergill changed the leaky oil cooler out of 4268 and replaced it with a fully rebuilt one. Also worked on fixing some leaky main reservoir pipes that got freeze damage from having moisture in them. 

Sunday, November 7, 2021

4266 and 4268 Together At the 2021 Club Trip


470 Coffee Cups Now Available Online

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