Friday, July 19, 2024

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Conway Scenic Railroad on August 3rd and 4th

 The Conway Scenic Railroad will celebrate precisely fifty years of operation on Saturday and Sunday August 3rd & 4th! It was on Saturday, August 3, 1974 that former Canadian National 0-6-0 7470 made its first official test run between North Conway and Conway, New Hampshire. While on Sunday, August 4 the first tickets were sold for public train rides. 

Since Conway Scenic began on the former Boston & Maine Conway Branch, to celebrate this milestone, on August 3rd and 4th, Conway Scenic’s 50th Anniversary Valley Train will make five diesel-hauled round trips to Conway, augmented by additional round trips using Buddliner Millie. This classic RDC was built for the New Haven Railroad as its number 23. This car is very similar to the Budd RDC’s that Boston & Maine assigned to the Conway Branch from the mid-1950s until the end of revenue passenger service in December 1961.

The railroad has plans to host a variety of activities at North Conway and Conway. Visitors can purchase tickets to depart from either Conway or North Conway. In addition to the Conway trips, short trips on Buddliner Millie Budd Car are planned to make a dash to Intervale and back with special low-cost throwback fares.

The official recognition of the fifty years will begin with the 9:30 AM Saturday Valley train. Activities in Conway are to include the barrel train ride for young children, the “you’re the engineer” model railroad, face-painting, railroad safety displays, and historic photos of the railroad.

Activities in North Conway will include historic displays of Conway Scenic and the history of the iconic North Conway Boston and Maine Railroad Station (150 years old this year.) Also, by the historic freight house there will be opportunities to tour a diesel locomotive cab and a caboose, and board Budd Vista dome Leslie Ann to view a video presentation telling the early Conway Scenic Railroad story.

The Mt Washington Valley Model Railroad Club Layout located in the North Conway freight house will be open to visitors. On a  siding in front of the North Conway Station preserved former Maine Central 2-8-0 501 will be on display for photographers and the general public. The 470 Club is planning demonstrations of their track car, pump car, and velocipede—equipment that represent the historic mainstay for track maintenance crews until the advent of modern-day HyRail trucks (capable of traveling on track or highway).

A photo freight train is scheduled, and with the help of the 470 club this will make a run to Conway before the first passenger excursions, and may also operate toward Bartlett on both Saturday and Sunday. Vintage motive power may include former Maine Central GP7 573 and other classic diesels. VIP Tours may offer a bus service to provide photographer transportation along the photo freight route to visitors with a valid North Conway—Conway ticket.

Tickets will be sold in both North Conway and Conway and will be valid for the whole day. The tickets will also allow the holder to take part in all activities in both Conway and North Conway.

It will be a weekend of Railroad activity and celebration. Join us for a memorable day!

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Monday, July 15, 2024

1741 Continuing Repairs on July 13, 2024


On Saturday July 13th Wayne Allen, Ryan Fothergill and Cory Fothergill performed more work on 1741. Ryan continued to fabricate new walkway portions and flooring for battery box. Wayne changed some bent steps on the locomotives and continued a repair on the rear horn air line. Cory removed the #1 traction motors blower as the housing had rotted and tipped over under the cab. More work will be performed in the short hood section before a new blower will be installed .

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Sheet Metal Replacement and Cylinder 12 Power Assembly on 1741 on July 4 2024

 On Friday  July 4th 2024 Ryan Fothergill returned to reinstall new sheet metal panels that were removed due to rot damage. As you can see the front end of the GP9 is starting to come back to shape! Wayne Allen and Cory Fothergill changed one last power assembly for cylinder 12. It had lower compression and once disassembled you could see why. The casting of the 567 piston had broken out over the years, and yes the rings were broken as well. A new 567D liner was installed as well as a new 567 piston. A new power assembly had been installed months back and it was re used. The locomotive was started today for run testing and the work has certainly made 1741 run much smoother. The 470 club is also excited to announce that we have hired Jeff Conner from Railcar painting to paint the 1741 back to Boston and Maine colors. Our timeline should allow for 1741 to be ready for our fall trip.

Monday, July 1, 2024

Power Assembly Work on GP-9 1741

Today.  June 30th 2024, Wayne Allen and Cory Fothergill reinstalled new power assemblies  5 and 16 in the 1741. Friday another liner will be replaced on cylinder 12 and the locomotive will be back together to test.

Thursday, June 27, 2024

CSX Donations of a Maine Central Boxcar and Heavy Duty Flat Car arrive at Hazens by Cory Fothergill


The 470 Railroad Club is happy to announce the arrival of two more donations from CSX. MEC 40’ Boxcar 998 and MEC Heavy Duty Flat 999 have arrived at Hazens after being stored for the winter at North Stratford on the New Hampshire Central. 

Special thanks to coordination with CSX , SLR, NHCR , and Conway Scenic for helping transport, store, and preserve these historic rail cars. The cars will be moved to storage for now. Please do not trespass to observe them, they will be used during events in the future once restored. 

The flat car was used to haul a Cat side-boom dozer to derailments sites to re-rail cars and locomotives. The flat car (MEC 999) was acquired by the Maine Central after it was ironically derailed on the mountain division hauling a load near East St. Johnsbury Vermont. The car was purchased at AAR value from Missouri Pacific and became a useful flat car for the Maine Central. The boxcar known as the “barn car” was used to carry spools of cable and parts for the dozers to wreck sites. Thanks to Chuck Killian for the following photos from today’s move! Also enjoy these historic photos of the cars as well !

Sunday, June 23, 2024

1741 Welding and Power Assembly Work on June 22-23

Wayne Allen, Ryan and Cory Fothergill performed more work on 1741 this weekend. Ryan continued welding in the frame sill and angle-iron for the battery boxes . Wayne and Cory disassembled power assemblies 5 and 16 due to low compression. Both pistons had broken rings and the liners were badly scratched. New liners will be installed, new rings and head assemblies as well. This will help to improve the oil consumption on the locomotive , and improve its lifespan. More for another week!

Sunday, June 16, 2024

History of the Flying Yankee by Bob Kotsonis at the May 15th Membership Meeting of the 470 Railroad Club


   Bob Kotsonis, Treasurer of the Flying Yankee Association, will review the modern history of the Flying Yankee. He will discuss the attempts made by multiple groups to restore and operate it. He will review the current status and condition of the train and the Flying Yankee Association's work to convince the State of New Hampshire to transfer ownership. Bob is a lifelong resident of Maine and New Hampshire, and he is a retired healthcare executive. He has a keen interest in the history of New England railroads, which led him to work with others to restart the restoration of the Flying Yankee. Bob played a central role in the State discussions and planning the strategy for the Flying Yankee's future.

History of the Flying Yankee

The video does not start until 1 hour and 55 minutes into the recording.

Start the video by clicking on the arrow at the center of the screen.

After you start the video,  click on the video slider at the bottom of the screen move to the right until you reach 1:55, and release it