Monday, February 19, 2024

February 17-18-19 2024Work session on GP-9 1741


This weekend crews continued work on 1741. Cab heater breakers were installed for the new electric heat, and wired. Cylinder 4 head was removed due to low compression. Bad and burnt valves and a bad head gasket with a water leak were found . The cylinder liner and rings were good, a new cylinder head was installed . 

The #3 traction motor leads were removed from the frame, new leads were cut, and pulled back through the frame just as they would have been done at the factory. (Much easier when it’s clean and the prime mover and generator aren’t in place! 

Metal walkways have been removed due to rot damage and are in the process of being replaced. Missing plumbing for the drain valves on the main reservoir tanks was reconnected. Lots of work thanks to Eric Grover , Wayne Allen, Cory Fothergill , Ryan Fothergill, Adam Bartley, and help from the CSRR team when needed. 

We hope to be testing 1741 in a few weeks. Stay tuned. After the locomotive is road tested on several trips it will return to the roundhouse for paint preparation. The locomotive will only run for a short time in the Guilford paint job, lettered for 1741. As always thanks to the Conway Scenic for the facilities and support. 

Thanks to all donors that help make projects like this possible. We are working to update the go fund me account to display some large donations we got from the Edmonds Foundation and Mass Bay Grant last year, we are close to achieving our goals however we will need some more donations to complete the paint job! Work in the spring will continue to allow the Waterville wreck train to be moved as well.

Monday, February 12, 2024

February 10 Work Session on GP-9 1741

 A work session today on GP9 1741. Wayne Allen tackled changing another bad power head assembly, Ryan Fothergill began fixing some body panels and installed a new mirror. Cory Fothergill trouble shot a low voltage negative ground which in turn was our 2 month old fuel pump that has failed. The locomotive was tested and put back away in stall 1 for more work next week!

Monday, February 5, 2024

February 2nd Friday and 3rd Saturday Work Sessions on GP-9 1741 - Repairs, Number Boards and new Batteries


Friday and Saturday work sessions were held on the 72 this week. On Friday Wayne Allen and Cory Fothergill replaced the bad batteries in 72 with 2 new batteries. A leaky water pipe which had been repaired last week was reinstalled. In order to remove the pipe the Scavenging oil pump was removed along with associated piping. That was all replaced and the 72 is now holding water again. The speedometer was wired back up and a new axle alternator was installed. The rear number boards and class lights got wiring replace and new sockets just like the front . All light fixtures are now operational and ground free. The event recorder was reconnected for future use and work has begun to renumber the 72 to 1741. We plan to reinstall new cable for the #3 traction motor in the coming week and start doing run testing with the 1741. After we have corrected any issues that may arise we will begin body work and prep for paint. As always thank you to all that support these projects via donations and the Conway Scenic Railroad for all the support and use of facilities to restore this equipment.

Eric Grover helped on Saturday with Wayne and Cory. Lastly,  Thanks to  Highball  Graphics of West Ossipee,NH for donating the time and vinyl to make the number boards for the 1741. Highball Graphics continually helps us on all our restoration projects. Visit their website at for modeling or full size needs!

Another update. New batteries are in and photo credit to Train master Mike Lacey. 

Friday, January 19, 2024

January 2024 Membership Meeting - TrainRiders Northeast by F. Bruce Sleeper

 The president of TrainRiders Northeast, F. Bruce Sleeper, will be speaking about the history of TrainRiders’ creation and activities with a special concentration on what TrainRiders has done to initiate Amtrak’s Downeaster service in Maine and its later expansion northward to Brunswick, as well as to support the continued operation and expansion of that service. Mr. Sleeper has lived in Maine his whole life, with the exception of a diversion to the Midwest for college and law school. He became the volunteer legal counsel for TrainRiders in the year of its creation, 1989, and continued in that position until becoming its volunteer president on January 1, 2023, with Wayne Davis remaining as its chair. In his capacity as legal counsel, Mr. Sleeper was responsible for drafting the legislation that became Maine’s Passenger Rail Service Act, which required the Maine Department of Transportation to reinitiate passenger rail service between Maine and Boston. He also helped to draw up the legislation that resulted in the creation of the Northern New England Passenger Rail Authority (NNEPRA), the agency that manages the Downeaster on behalf of the State of Maine. Mr. Sleeper was a member of NNEPRA’s inaugural board of directors from 1995 until 2000, having been appointed to that position by Maine’s then-Governor King. As of January 1, 2023, he became semi-retired of counsel at the Portland law firm of Jensen Baird Gardner & Henry, where he has worked since his graduation from law school in 1981.

TrainRiders Northeast

December 2023 Membership Meeting - Train Stations and Transportation Routes

This month’s program is being presented by Anthony Donovan. Antony’s interest is not the historical aspects of trains, it is in stations. His interest is systems. The infrastructure and routes and absolutely where a passenger train station should/could be located to meet the highest sustainable economic return. Antony has been told he can find an old station or station site anywhere in the country blindfolded. Hint - it's easy, it is usually on Depot Street. His focus is on connecting towns with environmentally beneficial transportation hubs of all modes of transit, bike, ped, bus, trolly etc; but there must also be trains. Trains have to be modern, electric or hybrid electric. The future is Brightline type long distance and light rail self-propelled multiple unit railcars like those made by Swiss Statler (Austin) Nippon Sharyro (Sonoma CA), French Alstra or Bombardier Talents (Ottawa). Zero to 60 in 122 seconds. The goal is modern trains operating to modern stations on historic transportation routes to historically located station sites in communities everywhere.

Thursday, January 4, 2024

New Years Day Update on GP-9 1741/72

 Happy New Year from the 470 Railroad Club! As the saying goes , out with the old, and in with the new! Today Wayne Allen and Cory removed and installed new components to the #11 power assembly in GP9 72. The cylinder was tested with low compression a few months back. After disassembling, it was determined the liner was badly scored up. Today the piston and liner were both removed. Broken rings is believed to be the cause of this damage. The new liner was installed, the piston was requalified with new rings and reassembled . The cylinder head was reinstalled and retorqued as well. The dates on the components removed was 1978 if that gives you an idea of how long this stuff lasts! The next major project will involve replacing 100 feet of traction motor leads that were damaged from a fire at the end of its career on Pan am. Thanks to those who continue to support us through donations! We hope to have 72 ready for testing this year before painting .

On the Hoist-1

On the Hoist-2

From the Nose

Saturday, December 30, 2023

Adventures on VIA Rail - the last Budd Train

Last Budd Train on VIA Rail

An interesting article from Railway Age by David Peter Allen, with thanks to Ron Brown of the Maine 3Railers O-Gauge Model Railroad Club,