Saturday, May 28, 2022

 Mass Bay Railroad Enthusiasts (RRE) President Dave Brown will present “RRE excursions of the early 1970s - Images from the Art Bliss collection.” Longtime Railroad Enthusiast and former Mass Bay RRE Treasurer Art Bliss rode and photographed numerous RRE excursions in the early 1970s. Mass Bay RRE President Dave Brown will present a selection of Art’s photos as we travel back in time to revisit several of these excursions, along with additional material and photos from other excursions on the same lines. Among the railroads featured are the Claremont & Concord, Central Vermont, and several trips on the Boston & Maine. Time permitting, we’ll jump forward a couple of decades for some of Dave’s own photos from the 470 Railroad Club’s excursion on the Canadian Atlantic Railway from Brownville Junction, Maine to Saint Andrews, New Brunswick in June 1990.