Sunday, February 19, 2023

Touch-A-Train Event on August 19th at New England Steam and Downeast Scenic in Hancock, Maine on August 19th

 Touch-A-Train 2023 sponsored by New England Steam at the Washington Junction Yard, 8 Railroad Siding, Hancock, ME 04640. Hours 9am-1:30pm. This event includes both the restoration of of Maine Central Steam Locomotive #470 and the 1:30pm departure of the Down East Scenic excursion train. For details please visit contact Hanna Brooks via email at 

Locomotive #470 under restoration

  • see a 12-foot-long wooden model of Maine Central steam locomotive #470 built by Wooden Alchemy

  • blow a real steam locomotive whistle

  • chalk a message on Maine Central #470’s original tender

  • take a 12-mile, 1-hour and 45-minute train ride on the Downeast Scenic Railroad at 1:30 PM