Saturday, October 21, 2023

October 2023 Membership Meeting by Ron Johnson on Conway Scenic and the Maine Central from all four corners of the 1000 mile system

 This month’s membership meeting is a live meeting along with Zoom and is being done by Club member Ron Johnson. I'm going to start the first part of the program showing a DD movie my dad made called “Early years of the Conway Scenic Railroad". It will start with Dwight Smith's 0-6-0 #7470 in 1968 at Rigby going through following years to startup in 1974, Very unusual scenes will be shown like three cabooses sailing through the Rt 302 crossing by themselves from Intervale into the N. Conway yard. It will wrap up with a bi-plane chase of one of the early runs from Conway. It should bring back fond memories of the 50th! anniversary coming up in 2024. The 2nd half of the evening will be "The Maine Central from all four corners of the almost 1000-mile system from 1974". It will cover all the branch lines from Eastport, Maine to Beecher Falls, Vermont.

Conway Scenic and Maine Central 1000 mile system

There are some gaps in the audio recording of this meeting