Friday, January 19, 2024

December 2023 Membership Meeting - Train Stations and Transportation Routes

This month’s program is being presented by Anthony Donovan. Antony’s interest is not the historical aspects of trains, it is in stations. His interest is systems. The infrastructure and routes and absolutely where a passenger train station should/could be located to meet the highest sustainable economic return. Antony has been told he can find an old station or station site anywhere in the country blindfolded. Hint - it's easy, it is usually on Depot Street. His focus is on connecting towns with environmentally beneficial transportation hubs of all modes of transit, bike, ped, bus, trolly etc; but there must also be trains. Trains have to be modern, electric or hybrid electric. The future is Brightline type long distance and light rail self-propelled multiple unit railcars like those made by Swiss Statler (Austin) Nippon Sharyro (Sonoma CA), French Alstra or Bombardier Talents (Ottawa). Zero to 60 in 122 seconds. The goal is modern trains operating to modern stations on historic transportation routes to historically located station sites in communities everywhere.