Monday, February 5, 2024

February 2nd Friday and 3rd Saturday Work Sessions on GP-9 1741 - Repairs, Number Boards and new Batteries


Friday and Saturday work sessions were held on the 72 this week. On Friday Wayne Allen and Cory Fothergill replaced the bad batteries in 72 with 2 new batteries. A leaky water pipe which had been repaired last week was reinstalled. In order to remove the pipe the Scavenging oil pump was removed along with associated piping. That was all replaced and the 72 is now holding water again. The speedometer was wired back up and a new axle alternator was installed. The rear number boards and class lights got wiring replace and new sockets just like the front . All light fixtures are now operational and ground free. The event recorder was reconnected for future use and work has begun to renumber the 72 to 1741. We plan to reinstall new cable for the #3 traction motor in the coming week and start doing run testing with the 1741. After we have corrected any issues that may arise we will begin body work and prep for paint. As always thank you to all that support these projects via donations and the Conway Scenic Railroad for all the support and use of facilities to restore this equipment.

Eric Grover helped on Saturday with Wayne and Cory. Lastly,  Thanks to  Highball  Graphics of West Ossipee,NH for donating the time and vinyl to make the number boards for the 1741. Highball Graphics continually helps us on all our restoration projects. Visit their website at for modeling or full size needs!

Another update. New batteries are in and photo credit to Train master Mike Lacey.