Monday, April 29, 2024

Weekend Work on 1741 and 4266/4268


Today crews continued work on 1741 and the 4268/4266 got some attention as well. Ryan Fothergill conducted welding on the front pilots on 1741 to make her street legal. Eric Grover worked on finished a dash plate and removal of Guilford lettering for use before it gets painted down the road. Eric Penza helped in removing the sub floor and about a ton of sand and rust from the short hood of the locomotive. Wayne Allen replaced a failed engine protector on 4266. Eric Grover fixed the conductors seat in 4266 as well. Cory Fothergill mounted electric cab heaters in 1741 . The video is 1741 performing run testing on the 3.2% grade leading into the North Conway station. After a few runs she was cleaned out and performing as intended. Very strong GP9.

                                                           1741 video on April 28, 2024