Thursday, June 27, 2024

CSX Donations of a Maine Central Boxcar and Heavy Duty Flat Car arrive at Hazens by Cory Fothergill


The 470 Railroad Club is happy to announce the arrival of two more donations from CSX. MEC 40’ Boxcar 998 and MEC Heavy Duty Flat 999 have arrived at Hazens after being stored for the winter at North Stratford on the New Hampshire Central. 

Special thanks to coordination with CSX , SLR, NHCR , and Conway Scenic for helping transport, store, and preserve these historic rail cars. The cars will be moved to storage for now. Please do not trespass to observe them, they will be used during events in the future once restored. 

The flat car was used to haul a Cat side-boom dozer to derailments sites to re-rail cars and locomotives. The flat car (MEC 999) was acquired by the Maine Central after it was ironically derailed on the mountain division hauling a load near East St. Johnsbury Vermont. The car was purchased at AAR value from Missouri Pacific and became a useful flat car for the Maine Central. The boxcar known as the “barn car” was used to carry spools of cable and parts for the dozers to wreck sites. Thanks to Chuck Killian for the following photos from today’s move! Also enjoy these historic photos of the cars as well !