Monday, June 3, 2024

June 1-2 updates on all three 470 Locomotives at Conway Scenic Railroad


This weekend all 3 470 club locomotives received attention. 

4268 had cylinder 9 and 11 removed. Both pistons had broken rings and lower compression. This contributed to higher oil consumption and some extra smoke out of the rear stack on the locomotive. A new power assembly head was installed on 9 and 11 had a new one installed last year. Once back together the 4268 engine is better than ever. A radiator will still need to be replaced in the coming weeks to put it into operation. 

4266 received some valve lash assemblies replaced that were froze up. Both units ran outside for over an hour and charged their batteries. 

Ryan continued removing rotted metal from 1741. At this point, part of the front frame sill on the fireman’s side is too heavily rotted from batteries leaking and road salt over the years. The frame sill will be removed and replaced. Angle iron has been cut to reinstall the battery box once that is done. More for another week!