Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Sheet Metal Replacement and Cylinder 12 Power Assembly on 1741 on July 4 2024

 On Friday  July 4th 2024 Ryan Fothergill returned to reinstall new sheet metal panels that were removed due to rot damage. As you can see the front end of the GP9 is starting to come back to shape! Wayne Allen and Cory Fothergill changed one last power assembly for cylinder 12. It had lower compression and once disassembled you could see why. The casting of the 567 piston had broken out over the years, and yes the rings were broken as well. A new 567D liner was installed as well as a new 567 piston. A new power assembly had been installed months back and it was re used. The locomotive was started today for run testing and the work has certainly made 1741 run much smoother. The 470 club is also excited to announce that we have hired Jeff Conner from Railcar painting to paint the 1741 back to Boston and Maine colors. Our timeline should allow for 1741 to be ready for our fall trip.